Broome Saunders

John Broome Saunders

John Broome Saunders on the pontoon of Aqua Vitae, May 2003

John Broome Saunders - mathematician, wine-maker, actuary, father, former pill-box spotter, diarist, closet "Archers" listener, occasional Lego enthusiast, real ale drinker, squash player, bridge improver, Blue Peter badge winner...

John occasionally writes things, mainly for his own amusement.

John sometimes manages to enjoy listening to the wireless - his (ir)regular listening highlights include:

On a depressingly infrequent basis, John dips into the occasional anthology of poetry. A dislike of Wordsworth was cemented as a result of studying Lyrical Ballads for A-level English Literature. However, the works of Matthew Arnold are a little more engaging - not least The Scholar Gypsy, complete with its local references to South Hinksey village and the Devil's Backbone.